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Rare are those individuals who are committed to selfless work. Such people have a strong conviction that the purpose of their birth is to give back to society so that the world is a better place when they depart. One such person was Maram Thangasamy who died on Sunday, September 16. He left the world a better place to live in.

If you travel on the road from Tiruchi to Pudukottai on both sides of the road you will see hundreds of gigantic trees — all selflessly planted by the man.

A person with a tremendous sense of humour and wit, Maram, as he was fondly known in his circles, used to regale his friends and visitors with a ready wit and crack a joke and laugh loudly. It was always a pleasure to interact with him. He was a person whose knowledge of different trees and their origins used to baffle even experienced IFS officers. It was a common sight to see Maram travelling with them in their official jeep to identify a sapling for which there was no ready documentation.

He used to proudly show around visitors his garden and the numerous trees other visitors had planted in his garden. So strong was his conviction that tree planting is the only way to reduce global climate change, noted film director K Balachander in his film Unnal Mudiyum Thambi created a character that resembled Maram Thangasamy.

Ailing for some time due to old-age related problems, Thangasamy was featured in inmathi in July. After the article came out, he thanked us in a feeble voice over the phone and inquired about us. His last interview was for inmathi and we really feel honoured in recognising Maram Thangasamy for his unique contribution to society.



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Read in : தமிழ்

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