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About Us

inmathi.com is the online community hub for Tamils across the world.

Having completed the demographic transition, Tamils have a large youthful population who are looking for change while being keenly interested in the community’s history, culture, arts and literature. Tamil Nadu’s politics is set for some dramatic changes. At this momentous time in the history of Tamils, inmathi seeks to play a key role in serving their information needs.

inmathi aims to satisfy the original, essential function of media, which is to be a platform for the community to come together and interact. inmathi’s brand of journalism will be hard-hitting, nuanced and in-depth. There will be no compromise on truth-telling and objectivity. No vested interest will guide our work and all editorial decisions will be based purely on journalistic merit.

inmathi plans to leverage the full potential of the online world that allows multiple forms of media and interactivity. inmathi understands that the traditional media role of being the gatekeeper of information is no more relevant in the digital age, and self-edited, user-generated content is as important and credible as that of journalists. inmathi, therefore, seeks to merge the two approaches — the cathedral scheme of reporting and opinion writing with the bazaar scheme of content by readers.

inmathi stands for a society that is based on freedom, pluralism, peace and non-sectarian values, while emphasizing the unique identity of Tamils in the world. You can help by joining hands with us.