Farhana: An opportunity missed

Recent films such as Kashmir Files, Kerala Story and Burqa have courted controversy because of their anti-Muslim bias. The trailer of the Tamil film Farhana which also had stereotypical visuals of people praying five times-a-day, women in burqa, and religious curbs, had sparked concerns that it...

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Poor tribes get free houses, education thanks to Aid India

People of various marginalised scheduled tribes such as Irulars and Narikuravars, who find a place only on the peripheries of various towns, have been living in mud huts or makeshift tents, exposed to rain and shine, for generations. Their dwellings are virtually open spaces; only that they...

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Aid India

Skilled like Priya, these women footballers must get govt aid

The wrongful death of young football talent Priya is bringing attention to other young women footballers like her. They too come from meagre means and have overcome the stranglehold of social mores to follow their passion. For these women from North Chennai, a metonym for squalor and poverty in...

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Women footballers

Coimbatore blasts: Muslim voices recall trauma from past

Over 24 years ago, Coimbatore was rocked by back-to-back bomb blasts at 18 places including the railway station, hospitals, markets and so on, claiming over 50 lives and injuring thousands. The gory scene of mutilated bodies lying in pools of blood amidst deafening cries of agony is still...

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Coimbatore blasts

Why guest lecturers are miffed at yet another exam

Guest lecturers working in various government arts, science and engineering colleges for long are shocked at the Higher Education Minister Ponmudi’s announcement that the Teachers’ Recruitment Board (TRB) would conduct examinations to fill 4,034 assistant professor vacancies in those colleges....

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Guest Lecturers
Why we always find lots of cashews on top of Deepavali mixture why tangedco need to pay us for damaging household appliances why eating on banana leaves is healthier What the Tamil Nadu Organic policy needs what is the real story of onam festival