Ten things that can add more life to Uzhavar Santhai

After almost a decade, Uzhavar Santhai, Tamil Nadu government's farmers’ market scheme, gets its due mention in the farm budget presented by Agriculture Minister M R K Panneerselvam recently. The minister has set aside Rs 15 crore to upgrade infrastructure facilities and another Rs 10 crore to...

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Will the honour killings stop with Gokulraj?

Gokulraj, the dalit youth, would have never expected that a casual trip to Tiruchengode Arthanareeswarar Temple with a woman friend – a college mate from the gounder community - on June 23, 2015 would cost him his life. The 21-year-old’s life was snuffed out by a caste outfit and his body was...

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Muslim customs observed by Piramalai Kallars

Young Piramalai Kallars Pandi and Selvam of Chekkanurani in Madurai feel shy of talking about it in the presence of women. What turned them bashful was the question: Have you underwent "Markakkalyanam”? Today, Markakkalyanam is more a symbolic ritual but not too long ago it was an important...

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