In praise of Chennai in 5th century AD

Several Alvars record references to ancient Chennai in paasurams from 5th century References in Hymns of Alvars to ancient Chennai (Chennai Maadham series) In tracing the antiquity of the Chennai region subsequent to the second century A.D., we have to rely on the...

Triplicane Temple

Happy Birthday, Chennai!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHENNAI wishes all its readers and the people of Greater Chennai a happy birthday !!! Yes, September 30 is the official birthday of Chennai – the day when Chennai was officially renamed (giving up the British legacy of Madras) through a...


When help arrives to pursue a passion

Dropping out college to pursue one's passion may not turn out to be fruitful for most people. For Arun Karthick, 26, it did. The government of Netherlands has provided financial assistance of Rs 40 lakhs (50,000 Euro) to the Tamil film that he is directing at...

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