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Karnataka bandh: Vatal Nagaraj weighs in

Vatal Nagaraj, former MLA and head of Kannada Chaluvaliga, is not supporting the Sept 25 bandh called by political parties in Karnataka on Cauvery but speaks for some in the state when he says Karnataka has exclusive rights over Cauvery. He told inmathi.com: “I stand by my statement that the...

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Karnataka Bandh

Namakkal eggs turn costly amid water crisis

Namakkal district in Tamil Nadu is perhaps one of the top egg and poultry producers in the country if not in South East Asia as a whole. It has long been hailed as the "Egg Capital" of the country. Its thriving poultry industry has been a major source of income for the local communities,...

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Namakkal Eggs

Chennai, TN, the surfing capital of India

Surfing in Chennai and all of Tamil Nadu has seen a surge in popularity, captivating both locals and tourists along the state’s long and breathtaking coastline. The state's diverse range of surf spots cater to surfers of all levels, making it an enticing destination for anyone looking to ride...

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Chennai Surfing