Tamil nationalism

PMK shifts planks from caste to Tamil nationalism

Close on the heels of the BJP changing its politics in Tamil Nadu from playing up Hindu-ness to now taking up Tamil Nationalism, the Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) too has switched to a Tamil nationalist platform from its earlier Vanniyar community plank, which did not fetch it any gains in the...

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Tamil Nationalism

Tamil nationalism: Why India should be worried

Starting from the January 2017 jallikattu protests, Tamil Nadu has been on the boil. There is an overwhelming feeling that the entire country -- Parliament, central government, Supreme Court, and the north Indian media -- has ganged up against Tamil Nadu. Jallikattu went to the wires. The...

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What next in Cauvery?

The Cauvery issue has severely tested the idea that India shall be a law-governed nation. The system is supposed to work based on checks and balances imposed by constitutionally mandated institutions, but successive Karnataka governments have repeatedly stressed in public, and to a large extent...

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