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In Round 10, India A won while B salvaged a draw with Praggnanandhaa winning against Gukesh losing. Uzbekistan with 7 wins, 3 draws and no losses, lead the table with 17 match points and Armenia with 8 wins, a draw and a loss, trail behind. With 7 wins, 2 draws and a loss, three teams, namely Indian A, B and the US share the third place with 16 match points.

Round 10 is significant for the US (vs Turkey at 3 – 1) since it turned out in favour of the Americans. Azerbaijan (vs Uzbekistan) and Iran (vs India A) lost their matches while Netherlands and Serbia ended in a draw. These five nations lost at the golden hour, costing them match points and helping the US surpass them just before the final round.

India A, seeded second, beat Iran seeded 13 at 2 ½ -1 ½. SL Narayanan beat Bardiya Daneshwar and Vidit Santhosh Gujarati beat M Amin Tabatabaei. Arjun Erigaisi had a tie with Pouya Idani while Pentala Harikrishna lost to Parham Maghsoodloo.

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India B had a draw with Uzbekistan with the second and fourth boards ending in tie and Praggnanandhaa’s win against Javokhir Sindarov saving Gukesh’s shocking loss to Nodirbek Abusattarov, the Uzbek Grandmaster known for his mature style of play and squeezing his opponents. In fact, Uzbekistan’s game stats so far in this Olympiad resemble that of Indian youngsters with few losses. Notably, Abusattarov lost to Pentala Harikrishna in the sixth round. Nihal Sarin had a tie with Nodirbek Yakubboev and Adhiban with Jakhongir Vakhidov.

On board 3, when Praggnanandhaa cornered Sindarov in the end game and the Uzbek child prodigy had to resign. Praggnanandhaa, playing white, overwhelmed his opponent with a rook and a passed pawn – the pawn just two moves from promotion. The endgame spanned 40 moves with the kings exchanging most of their powers.

India C had a draw with Slovakia. Two boards ended in a tie and Abhimanyu puranik (vs Christopher Repka) compensated the loss of SP Sethuraman (vs Viktor Gazik). Surya Sekhar Ganguly (vs Jergus Pechac) and Murali Karthikeyan (vs Juraj Druska) had a draw.

With 8 wins, 1 loss and a draw, India A leads the list with 17 match points. Close behind, with 16 match points, Poland, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Georgia are fighting to move up on the list.

In the women’s, India A defeated Kazakhstan at 3 ½ -½. Koneru Humpy (vs Zhansaya Abdumalik), Tania Sachdev (vs Xeniya Balabayeva) and Bhakti Kulkarni (vs Guliskhan Nakbayeva) won their matches while Vaishali had a tie with Bibisara Assaubayeva.

India B won against Netherlands 3 – 1. Padmini Rout (vs Machteld Van Foreest ), Mary Ann Gomes (vs Rosa Ratsma), Divya Desmukh (vs Tea Lanchava) won their matches and Vantika Agrawal lost to Zhaoqin Peng.

India C won against Sweden 3 – 1. PV Nandhidhaa (vs Inna Agrest ) and Pratyusha Bodda (vs Viktoria Johanssen ) won their matches while Sahithi Varshini (vs Pia Cramling) and Eesha Karawade (vs Anna Cramling Bellon) managed to draw their matches.

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Read in : தமிழ்

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