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We enter into the last week of 2021. After 2020 was lost to the first wave of the pandemic, 2021 was welcomed as turning a new leaf. But 2021 exasperated us even more. The best way to get over it is to poke fun on the year that shouldn’t have been.

Covid19 turned more deadly this year. It left us gasping for air. Government hurriedly went for the second phase of lockdown. Schools were asked to continue online classes. Work from home became a new normal for most of IT employees. Migrant workers who returned after the first wave found themselves on a spot again.

Though we were prepared when compared to 2020, the pandemic hoodwinked us with a deadlier form of the virus. Loved ones were gone, jobs were lost and the economy was, once again, brought down to knees. The government realized how limited the health system is. Oxygen plants were established, beds were increased and health infra was overhauled.

We turned to OTT more. Some of the movies shook us up, Jai Bhim for instance. We realized the plight of the marginalized in our social system.

As we anticipate the New Year and its challenges, its time we take a moment and laugh at the year 2021

As the year progressed, the Delta variant came into control. People were vaccinated. Our health workers reached the farthest places to inoculate residents. Schools reopened and students returned to schools amidst rousing reception.

Economic activities resumed and it appeared for a while everything would soon be to normal. But Omicron soured the optimism.

We don’t know what Omicron has in store for us. Nevertheless, we are now more prepared. More people are vaccinated and our health system is better.

As we anticipate the New Year and its challenges, its time we take a moment and laugh at the year 2021 as we bid adieu.

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Read in : தமிழ்

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