The unhealthy dominance of Red Giant, Sun Pictures

Vijay's Beast, produced by Sun Pictures and distributed by Red Giant Movies, has created a very audible buzz among people. Fans and others are eager to see what the latest movie has to offer. Brisk sales of tickets are being reported. Vijay fans are hoping Beast will get past Valimai’s ticket...

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Bigg Boss Simbu brings controversy, and fun too

Bigg Boss Simbu was the big news in entertainment this week. It was a surprise choice by Vijay TV but probably an experiment well worth it. Five seasons of Bigg Boss only had the viewers asking for more. Their thirst for entertainment hadn't yet been quenched apparently. Bigg Boss Ultimate with...

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Why can’t Simbu have a doctorate?

Ever since Vels University announced a honorary doctorate for T R Silambarasan, popularly known as Simbu among his fans, the online space is buzzing. Simbu’s fans are excited but a section questions the sanctity of such degrees given to actors, in the context of Simbu. The actor is likely to be...

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Simbu maanadu