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Thyroid disorder is widespread in our country affecting nearly 42 million people. Hypothyroidism is the most common thyroid disorder in India,

Among the Indian states, Kerala tops the overall list in India with the most thyroid- related cases, Telangana in the fourth place, Andhra Pradesh in the sixth place. Tamil Nadu occupies the seventh place. Karnataka does not figure on the top 10 listing.

Thyroid disorder is generally passed on genetically mostly among women, but nowadays more women are getting detected with it even though it does not run in the family. Eating junk food cooked in adulterated oil causes goitre and are the probable reasons for the rise in thyroid cases. “Across the world, with the advent of iodisation, the autoimmune thyroid disease has become the most common cause of hypothyroidism,” says Ambika Gopalakrishnan Unnikrishnan, chief endocrinologist at the Chellaram Diabetes Institute (Pune, India),

Problems with the thyroid can be caused by: iodine deficiency (goitre), autoimmune diseases that lead to either hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism ( caused by Hashimoto’s disease).

The thyroid gland, although a small sized endocrine gland in our body, controls our metabolism. All our organs and systems are indirectly dependent on this little thing that controls our hormones. Our thyroid helps regulate our temperature, metabolism, heartbeat and much more. It is necessary for memory, energy levels, bone marrow function, proper functioning of the heart, proper movement of our intestine and many such vital functions.

This gland takes iodine from the diet and converts it into various hormones that regulate the body. So, when it malfunctions, our body goes under intense fluctuations. Technically, there’s no specific diet to treat thyroid disorders, but there are certain foods that can help you feel your best—and ones that you might want to avoid.

There’s no specific diet to treat thyroid disorders, but there are certain foods that can help you feel your best—and ones that you might want to avoid.  

The thyroid gland needs iodine to work properly and produce enough thyroid hormone for your body’s needs. If iodine becomes insufficient, it can lead to hypothyroidism or goiter. When the body does not receive enough Iodine, the thyroid works extra hard to make thyroid hormone, causing the gland to grow large.

Suggested foods to boost Iodine levels naturally
Best foods to supplement your Iodine deficiency are Brazil nuts, Sunflower seeds which are rich in selenium. Selenium is responsible for the metabolism of the thyroid gland as well as the antioxidant functions.

Since iodine is found in soil and seawater, fish are another good source of this nutrient. People who live in remote, mountainous regions with no access to the sea are at risk for goiter. Sardines, flax seeds (50 gm daily) are super rich in Omega 3 fatty acids,  which boosts your immunity. Immunity build up in turn helps the thyroid gland remain healthy especially to individuals suffering with Hashimoto’s. Greek Yogurt counteracts thyroid by offering both Iodine (production of thyroid hormones) and vitamin D (Immunity system regulation) .

Eggs provide you all the nutrients required for a healthy thyroid gland. Packed with iodine, selenium as well as omega 3 fatty acids, eggs should be included in a healthy, balanced diet.

Apples are also loaded with iodine. Chicken are a lean meat that are a great source of protein and Zinc. Zinc is required for the regulation of thyroid hormones.

Certain berries like wild strawberries, blackberries, goji berries, and cranberries are high in antioxidants. They are good for patients affected by hypothyroidism who generally have higher levels of higher levels of harmful free radicals. There is no clear scientific evidence regarding the role of yoga as the definitive therapy for thyroid dysfunction.

Foods that can be avoided
Processed foods having excess sodium, fried fatty foods worsened by cooking in adulterated cooking oil can inhibit the body’s ability to produce enough of this particular hormone. Alcohol in excess suppresses the gland’s ability to produce thyroid,

Patients with thyroid disorders usually avoid goitrogenic foods  like cabbage, cauliflower, radish and lady’s finger, which can cause an enlargement of the thyroid gland. Although these vegetables have a whole host of other health benefits, they can slow down the function of your thyroid as they make it harder for your body to use iodine wherein Iodine is essential for the production of the thyroid hormone. Soya can be consumed in moderation.

The bottomline is everything is fine in moderation.

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Read in : தமிழ்

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