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The seventh couple to be featured in the Parivadini Navaratri Nava Shakti series is TC Karunanidhi and TK Maheshwari.

Vidushi Maheshwari, a second generation nagaswaram artiste in her family, first learned from her father, KS Ponnusamy. “After marriage, having to take care of family and raising a child kept me away from nagaswaram for nearly 10 years. But I took it up again and since then have been playing with my husband for nearly 22 years,” Maheshwari says.

Son of thavil artiste K Chinnakannupillai, Vidwan Karunanidhi studied at Tiruvaiyaru Music College from 1980 to 1984 under Kalaimamani Nachiyar Kovil MK Rajapillai whom he took as his guru. Performing for 37 years, Karunanidhi plays with his brother, TC Ganesan, as well, besides with his wife. Karunanidhi-Maheshwari are A grade artistes at the All India Radio.

Karunanidhi met his future wife at Samayapuram Mariamman Kovil concert. He married with his parents’ blessings. The couple finds fulfillment in playing challenging ragams that the audience requests. The two sons of this couple are engineering professionals with Masters of Engineering degrees but perform as flute and nagaswaram artistes, too.


Maheshwari recalls that in her time she could only learn from her father at their home. But today music colleges with good teachers are there in all districts “Women who study there properly can shine. Their parents should support, too,she says.

In the upcoming Navaratri Nava Shakti concert, the couple will be accompanied by KSK Manikandan and P Venkatesh on the thavil.

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Read in : தமிழ்

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