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After the first round of BE counselling, the number of students who chose the category “other courses” was more than 2,350 whereas those who chose perennial favourites like mechanical, ECE and computer science were far fewer. In subsequent rounds, however, the trinity dominated while “other courses” took a backstage.

This bears out, among other things, a key fact: Students give greater priority to the institution than to courses. They are largely ready to change their course preferences if they are getting admission in a better college.


The first round typically features toppers in all community categories. And these toppers would rather study in less glamorous courses in reputed institutions rather than computer science in a tier 2 college. For instance, agricultural and irrigation engineering or industrial engineering may not sound too attractive. But if they are offered by CEG, students readily choose them. Also, there may be niche courses that are offered only at that institution, such as aeronautical engineering in MIT, and these courses may figure in “other courses” popular among toppers.


In the first round, CEG, MIT campus, PSG, SSN, GCT CIT, Thyagaraya, Kumaraguru and AU ACTech were the star attractions for the toppers.

Overall, ECE was more popular among those who secured more than 190 in MPC. Next came computer science, mechanical, EEE, IT, information and communications (self-supporting) computer science (self-supporting), civil, IT (self-supporting), mechanical (self-supporting), and so on.

The broad conclusion that can be drawn from data is that courses are there for the taking, relatively speaking, but not colleges. While, overall, 1 lakh seats found no takers, almost all the seats in reputed engineering institutions were filled.

If students don’t get the course of their choice in an institution, then they go for a self-supporting version of the course in the same institution. Or they go lower in their preferences but stay within the institution. A few, however, do change the institution to get the course of their choice. But among toppers these seem to be far fewer, given the data.

Computer science dominates

In this year’s counselling, overall, some 15,150 students chose computer science, making it the most popular. Sources say that compared to last year, this year, vacant computer science seats were fewer.

Last year, mechanical engineering drew the most students. This year, some 14,180 students took it up, apparently leaving more seats vacant compared to last year.

ECE took in 12,930 students while civil engineering was taken by 5,232 and IT 5,012 students.

In the past, when counselling would begin, ECE would be the first choice for students. Computer science would come next. Recently mechanical had upstaged the other courses and was coming first. This year the trend seems to have again reversed. Civil, meanwhile, seems to have lost some of its popularity.

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Read in : தமிழ்

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