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After the fourth round of engineering counseling, some 1,15,390 seats have not been taken. For the fifth round of counseling, only some 26,000 students are remaining to participate. This would mean that at least 1 lakh seats would remain vacant this year.

Some 36 colleges have not been selected by even a single student. Eighteen colleges have been chosen by only one student. In 81 colleges, fewer than five students have joined, and in 120 colleges, fewer than ten have joined. Only 81 students have greater than 50% enrollment in the first year.

Vacant seats have only kept growing. For the fourth round of counselling, some 23,210 students were qualified. Out of this, 18,406 registered through cash. Out of 17,238 who made their choises, 15,864 got temporary allotments.

After fourth round, only 51,900 seats have been filled. Some 26,000 students with less than 125 cut off are participating.

Vocational stream and B. Arch seats are also remaining unfilled.

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Read in : தமிழ்

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