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Three fishermen from Kanyakumari are among those who died when a merchant ship rammed into their fishing boat off the coast of Cochin.

The fishing boat had gone from Cochin carrying 14 fishermen. On Tuesday early morning, some 14 nautical miles into the sea, the boat was anchored and the fishermen had spread their nets. A merchant ship rammed into the boat Oceania but left without stopping, according to sources.

Under the impact of the collision, the fishing boat broke into several pieces. Two fishermen who had held onto the fragments were rescued and brought to the shore where they were admitted in a hospital. Naren Sarkar from West Bengal and Edwin have been admitted at an Ernakulam hospital. Three fishermen’s bodies were found floating which were recovered by marine police. Coast Guard are searching for the nine remaining fishermen. Those dead are Manikkudi, Yuganathan and Yaqub of Colachel.

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Read in : தமிழ்

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