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For almost a decade, K Sathyanarayanan has been performing on an instrument that would appear to be totally unsuited to Carnatic music – gamakas. In 2001, he demonstrated how the gamakas, the hallmark of the genre, could be coaxed out of the keyboard, which critics accepted, if with some grudge.

Since then Sathya has pioneered playing Indian Classical music on rare instruments like KORG Nano Keys and ROLI Seaboard and has also ventured in producing music from an iPad using GeoShred App. He highlights the Indian form in other key instruments like piano, harmonium, pianica and accordion too.

His latest keyboard experiments are with the ROLI Seaboard Rise. He has also provided links of his work on brief, one-minute exposition of several Carnatic ragas on the Seaboard which provide us a totally different experience.

Sathya shares with us his take on the ROLI Seaboard Rise, and for good measures gives us video links of his wonderful performance with the new instrument:

“ROLI Seaboard Rise is an instrument of its own nature, like any other lead instrument and should not be approached as another keyboard.The construction of the instrument is so interactive, it almost brings out all of one’s feelings as sound. This is indeed a good instrument for any one who can understand and handle it, to get the best of music”

“The effects and velocity controls are indeed mind boggling and even at the slightest touch, twist and pressure, can make the performer feel the minute differences of sound to the corresponding note:


Sathyanarayanan, popularly known as keyboard Sathya is a musician, multi-instrumentalist and a composer. Sathya is under the tutelage of Kum. A. Kanyakumari and had been under the tutelage of Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna and Mandolin U. Shrinivas as well.

Sathya has had the privilege of collaborating with legends of music like Grammy Winner Pt. Vishwamohan Bhatt, Drums Sivamani, etc and also performed for legendary musician YANNI.

He is the first Carnatic keyboardist who is an All India Radio’s ‘A grade’ artiste. He is also an ICCR empanelled artiste. Sathya has released over 25 albums and has performed over 1600 concerts extensively in India, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Australia, UAE, etc.

He is currently pursuing his Masters in Music.


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Read in : தமிழ்

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