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In the engineering online counselling for students who got cut-off of more than 190 marks, 3,431 students did not participate in the first round of counselling. But it is worth mentioning that despite these many seats remaining vacant, as many as 167 students did not get the course of their choice. This is largely due to the online counselling process that locks students to their choices and does not allow them to choose seats dynamically.

If direct counselling had taken place like last year, there is no doubt that the students who had obtained such high marks would have got the courses of their choice.

It is learnt that these students have fewer choices of courses. Since that list is not in line with their cut-off marks, they have not got seats.

It cannot also be said with any certainty that in the second round of counselling they will get seats of their choice from the vacant seats. This depends only on the availability of the seats of their choice in those 3,431 unfilled seats.

50% of the students have got one of their first three choices, Rhymend Uthariaraj, Secretary of the Admission Department of Anna University has said.

“Many students might have joined in subjects like medicine, veterinary medicine, and agriculture; some might have taken entrance examinations and joined in reputed engineering colleges; and they might not have taken part in the engineering counselling. This must be the reason for more than 3,000 seats remaining vacant even in the first round counselling”, feel educationalists.

In the first round of online engineering counselling, 10,734 students with cut-off marks of more than 190 were called. Of them, only 7,347 remitted their deposit amounts, and out of them, only 7,303 registered with their chosen colleges and courses. Seats on temporary basis have been allotted for 7,136 students. Only on confirming and accepting these allotments, order of admission will be issued to them online.

Students who have got seats as per their first choice or those who think that the seats they have got are acceptable to them, can join in the seats that have been allotted to them. Or they can submit that they are accepting the seats as per the temporary allotment order and request that if there are seats on their priority list of choices in the remaining vacant seats, those can be allotted to them in line with their qualifying marks. If there are vacant seats as per their choice, those will be allotted to them based on their rank and choice. If they are not interested in the admission, they can come out of counselling. This is the prevailing practice.

The registration for the second round of counselling for those who have got more than 175 as cut-off marks is starting on 30th July. 1.5 lakh students have applied for admission for engineering courses this year. As more than 30% seats are vacant  in the first round counselling, it can said for sure that just like last year more than 40% seats will remain vacant this year too.

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Read in : தமிழ்

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