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The Government of Tamilnadu has issued an order cancelling the ‘Weightage System’ for the selection of candidates for the intermediate and graduate teacher vacancies in Government Schools.

Accordingly, the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) and the competitive examination for teachers’ positions will be conducted separately. For taking the competitive examination, it is necessary for a candidate to qualify in the eligibility test.

A new rule was introduced in accordance with the law on ‘the Right of Compulsory Free Education for All’, by which, the teachers handling classes from I to VIII standards were required to compulsorily qualify in the Teacher Eligibility Test.

As per the government directive issued subsequently, 60% weightage was to be allotted to the marks scored in the Teacher Eligibility Test and 40% weightage, to the marks obtained in the graduate and intermediate teachers’ academic examinations, and guidelines were framed accordingly for appointing graduate and intermediate teachers in government schools, based on reservations. However due to this weightage system, many teachers, in spite of getting good marks in the Teacher Eligibility Test, were denied employment because of low academic scores.

The pass in the Teacher Eligibility Test is valid for 7 years, but still the teachers were forced to take the test again, for the sake of improving their performance and getting better marks. This led to demands from the teachers for scrapping the weightage system.

As a result, a decision was taken in the Tamilnadu State School Education Department meeting, to do away with the weightage system. This was also discussed in a meeting presided over by the Education Minister and an order has now been issued on this.

Accordingly, from now on, the Teacher Eligibility Test will be an exclusive qualifying examination that will decide about the eligibility standards of the teachers, like what is in practice in states like Andra Pradesh. The candidates who pass the Teacher Eligibility Test will be selected through a competitive examination and the vacancies that arise in the government schools will be filled by the teachers who qualify in this process.

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Read in : தமிழ்

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