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Engineering counselling has been delayed at present, and this may result in the postponement of the first semester examinations, which will have to be taken by the newly joining first year engineering students.

As per the guidelines of the All India Council for Technical Education, the first year engineering classes begin normally around the 1st of August. However, the general counselling for engineering which should usually end before July 31st has got delayed this time, due to the court case filed in respect of the NEET examination.

Hence, the Tamil Nadu government has obtained the court’s approval for conducting the Engineering  counselling  till 31st of August. The online counselling is scheduled to begin subsequently on July 25th.

This has led to the scenario where the first year engineering classes are likely to start only by September, this year. Classes should be held at least for 90 days in every semester and hence, there may not be sufficient time for holding the first semester examination in November, as is the practice.

“This may lead to delay in the first semester examination, for the students of first year engineering course. A similar situation had developed 10 years ago, when the counselling got over late due to court cases, and this may result inthe delayed start of the first year classes. Taking into account the condition of the students so affected, the first semester examinations were not conducted at the usual time then, but instead, were clubbed with the second semester examinations and were held in the month of May. The scenario may not be very different this time too”, believes Mr P V Navaneetha Krishnan, the former director of the Engineering Students’ Admission Wing of Anna University.

However, people also point to the fact that the Parliamentary elections are due next year and this requires the completion of the second semester examinations before May.

Anna University is expected to take a decision and announce it soon as to whether it is planning to hold classes even during holidays so as the cover the syllabus or it will be holding the examinations of both the semesters together, as was done earlier.

Similar problems of late admissions are not applicable for Deemed Universities and hence their students need not face any such issues of delay in academic programmes.

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Read in : தமிழ்

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