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Love Today tells the story of the generation gap and the clash in values with humour. Love being an eternally touchy subject in our society, older folks are skeptical of its truth and value, for good reason. But, instead of taking sides, the film plays both ways, trying to get both the old and the young to its side.

A few years ago, director Pradeeep Ranganathan earned some fame with his maiden film Comali featuring Jayam Ravi, Kajal Agarwal, Samyuktha, K. S. Ravikumar and Vinodhini. That film earned kudos from the 90s’ kids. Comali underscored the eternal value of human emotions in the face of technologies dominating the world.  The ‘feel-good’ factor of the film set off expectations over Love Today, Pradeep’s second venture, which seems to have measured up. Coming in the footsteps of Bhagyaraj, Parthiban and Pandiyaraj, Pradeep has worn two hats – director and hero in Love Today.

The film’s basic theme of love is as old as Alam Ara. What would have turned out stereotypical has come out entertaining, raising laughs.  The theme of a pair of lovers hiding their real nature has much comic potential. Love Today does full justice to the potential.

Hero Pradeeep and heroine Nikitha (Ivana) love each other. They believe they know each other and understand each other well. When the heroine’s father (Satyaraj) comes to know about it, he sets a condition that both exchange their mobile phones for a day to check if their love affair will survive. The lovers agree to this test, seemingly firm in their mutual trust. In a critical moment, the lovers find themselves provoked to peek into the phones of each other. And that precipitates a crisis. How the lead pair comes out of this technology-driven ordeal is delineated.

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The other interests of the lead pair are handled with caution. There is no titillation. Humorous suggestion is employed here.

The film remains non-committal about the seriousness of the lead pair in their ‘extra links’ and also about their moral stature as serious lovers.

Pradeep exhibits an acting style with traces of Dhanush, S.J. Surya and Vijay.  His dialogue delivery marked by proper modulations is quite attractive. He seems to have done sufficient homework. With the help of his friends Kathir and Bharat, he keeps the audience in splits with his funny lines and slapstick.

The film remains non-committal about the seriousness of the lead pair in their ‘extra links’ and also about their moral stature as serious lovers

Heroine Ivana who debuted in ‘Nachiar’ passes muster when she is throwing tantrums. Her way of depicting a woman in an emotional tailspin hits the mark.

Senior artistes Sathyaraj and Radhika along with Yogi Babu and Raveena play their characters in such a way that the contrast between the old and new generations is brought home sharply, particularly with regard to their stances on marriage. They help the screenplay move at a fast pace which revolves around the single, if frail, theme of exchange of mobile phones.

Cinematographer Dhinesh Purushottaman, editor Pradeep E Raghav and music composer Yuvan Shakar Raja have contributed their mite typically to the build-up of a face-paced narrative.

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The staple of romantic man-woman relationship is used for the umpteenth time now. Yet set against the technological background of mobile phone and social media, it assumes freshness and hilarity, thanks to a skillful treatment. The film is a visualization of several relationship-oriented questions swirling in the minds of men and women of this digital age. In this respect, it is a reboot of an early Vijay-starrer with the same felicitous title Love Today released over 25 years ago.

Though not a serious discourse on the social and cultural changes triggered by technology in the society, Love Today captures the spirit of the times humorously.

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Read in : தமிழ்

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