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Apple products typically received enthusiastic response so the excitement with which iPhone 14 was received wasn’t surprising. Apple rarely compromises on quality but the premium that customers pay for the brand is always going up. Customer patience is tested often. iPhone 14 was unveiled on September 7 in India and was priced at Rs 10,000 more than iPhone 13.

The release date was carefully planned. Flipkart‘s Big Billion Days and Amazon Great Indian Festival are set to begin on Sept 23. Offers will be there and sales will spike. An iPhone 13 will be up for grabs at Rs 55,000. So is this the right time to go for the next? The iPhone 14?

Unbridled enthusiasm
Price is never a dampener for the sales of iPhone, it would seem. iPhone users seem to give a carte blanche to Apple. “You fix the price. We will come.” Stories demonstrating the frenzy are common. Dheeraj Palliyil of Kerala flew to Dubai to buy the iPhone 14 before it was released in his home country. Dheeraj reached Mirdif City Centre, exclusive premium dealer in Apple products, in the early hours of the day and spent Rs 1.29 lakh (5,949 AED) in addition to his travel expenses.

Neeraj Palliyil iPhone 14 purchase

Deeraj Palliyil Instagram post

The sale of the 14 launched on Sept. 7 began on Sept. 16 in India.  But Dheeraj could not wait and went out of his way to get the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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Great changes
Apple is set to introduce great changes in its smartphone including iPhone 15.  They include the much expected USB-C support. The European Union has stipulated that all future smart phones including Apple’s should have USB-C port built into themselves and set the deadline as 2024 for all digital goods companies for complying with this rule.  This rule holds good for other digital gadgets too such as tablets, digital cameras, headphones, handy video game consoles, e-readers, laptops etc.

In these circumstances, the 14 with its exclusive lightning charging port attached will be a letdown to its users. Besides, Apple, which introduces a new processor every year, has made available in the 14 the same bionic chipset used in iPhone 13. Only the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models have the A-16 bionic processor. Against this background, it is a point worth pondering that rather than buying the new 14, it may well make more sense to go for the 13 with similar features but costing a fraction.

The European Union has stipulated that by 2024 all future smart phones including Apple’s should have USB-C port built into themselves

New features
iPhone 14, which looks like the spitting image of 13,  has the same 12 megapixel camera. But Apple says that the camera sensors have been better tuned. As a new feature, there is a facility in iPhone 14 that enables users to make emergency calls with satellite help even if the SIM card does not function. It is this feature that Apple has highlighted in its ad blitz.

iPhone 14 emergency call feature

iPhone 14 emergency call feature

As for processors, the old A-15 bionic had functioned with three cores. But the 14 has four high-performance cores. This processor is available only in the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus models. The price of iPhone 14 starts at Rs. 79,900.

The upgraded 14 Pro and Pro Max models have A-16 bionic chipset and enhanced camera sensors. But these models’ prices start at Rs.1.27 lakh.  The prices of these models may be unpalatable for some Apple lovers.

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Read in : தமிழ்

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