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The state budget expanded the Dravidian model in making education accessible to underprivileged sections. For instance, among the announcements was a major scheme to educate girl children. The Moovalur Ramamirtham Ammayar marriage assistance scheme has now become a scheme for supporting higher education of girl children.

In the past, girls who have studied up to Class 12 could apply for assistance during marriage. Now, girl students who have studied up to Class 12 from Class 6 will get Rs 1,000 per month through out their college education. This is to ensure that girls, instead of dropping out, continue to study in college and get a degree. The assistance will be available over and above any other assistance from other schemes such as SC/ST scholarship and so on. Marriage assistance will continue to be given from other schemes.

Some 6 lakh girls will benefit from this every year. A total sum of Rs 698 crore is being allocated for this. This will encourage government school students to study further.

At the All India level, girls form 27.3% of students in higher education. In Tamil Nadu, this is 51%. The new scheme in the state budget will help reduce dropout rates.

Students joining medical or engineering colleges from families without a graduate get assistance from government. This year the state budget has allocated some Rs 204 crores for the 7.5% reservation for bearing the medical education expenses of state government school students. Extending this scheme, from this year, the government will bear the expenses of all those who have studied in government schools from Class 6 to Class 12 and have got admission in IIT, IISC and AIIMS.

Model schools have been started in 10 educationally backward districts to help students study there at top institutes. From this year, the schools will be started in 15 districts. Some Rs 125 crore has been allocated for this scheme.

A new scheme named after former DMK leader K Anbazhagan has been launched to upgrade government schools. Over five years, Rs 7,000 crore will be spent.

A new scheme named after former DMK leader K Anbazhagan has been launched to upgrade government schools. Over five years, Rs 7,000 crore will be spent. This year, Rs 1,300 crore will be spent. Some 18,000 classrooms will be built including smart classrooms.

In order to involve the community to support government schools, this year some 52 lakh parents will participate in events regarding creating awareness in over 37,000 schools. This effort will mimic the Namakku Name scheme in which the local community will plan and upgrade government schools.

Under the Naan Mudhalvan scheme, skilling will be given to government and aided school students. This is intended to increase their employability. This year, some Rs 50 crore has been allocated for this purpose.

Under the Illam Thedi Kalvi for corona-hit students, some 1.8 lakh volunteers are working in 38 districts to teach students. Benefiting 30 lakh students, this scheme will continue this year with an allocation of Rs 200 crore.

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Read in : தமிழ்

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