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This year there are 567 engineering institutions in Tamil Nadu, down from 587 last year

The Central government’s National Institutional Ranking Framework ranks educational institutions across India. The ranking can help you choose colleges and courses

An institution is evaluated in terms of its performance in the following areas: Teaching, learning and resources; Research and professional practices; Graduation outcomes; Outreach and inclusivity; Perception

Here are the 19 engineering colleges/deemed universities in Tamil Nadu that figure in the nationwide top 100 engineering institutions list (slideshow showing ranking and youtube videos)


Female students may want to know which of the colleges have the most women students and women teaching faculty (bar chart)

What last year’s toppers say regarding choice of subjects

Last year, I chose computer science. Now I feel there is employment opportunity for all branches of engineering. It is a wrong notion that only computer science, IT, mechanical, marine have the best job prospects. Students should have the enthusiasm to learn all the new information pertaining to their branch of engineering, and not just stick to the syllabus. Only then they can be competitive. If new students can do this, they can choose any branch and get good jobs.

It is true that students prefer some branches of engineering. But the truth is there are jobs for all branches, especially abroad. Students just need to be up-to-date on their chosen branch.

What educationists say

Rhymend Uthariaraj, Secretary, Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions 2018
It is true that every year enrollment of students in selected branches is increasing. For instance, students are keen to study in mechanical, IT, electronics etc. We believe the same trend will continue this year also. Based on the results in the first semester and eighth semester, we do rank colleges but we don’t announce any top 10 colleges.


Jayaprakash Gandhi, educational consultant
Engineering education is worth pursuing. There are jobs for all branches but students are not qualified enough to land those jobs. We can’t say only students are responsible for this. The syllabus, government, the college as well as teachers also need to share responsibility for the situation. Some colleges do go beyond the syllabus and give up-to-date knowledge. They understand what recruiters expect and teach them to their students.

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Read in : தமிழ்

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