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RSS rally: Will AIADMK govt show the way for DMK? 

Following the state police submission to the high court that permission for an RSS rally would be considered if it were not to be held on Gandhi Jayanthi (October 2), the court ordered that the rally be held on November 6. The RSS rally has had a troubled history with state governments often...

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RSS Rally

PS-1: Mani Ratnam lost in the Chola maze

Ponniyin Selvan sticks to the script. It's less a Mani Ratnam movie and more a faithful adaptation of Kalki's novel. Raja Raja Chozhan was a glorious emperor, about whom Kalki wrote a well-researched story Ponniyin Selvan in the early 1950s – serialized in the Kalki magazine for nearly...

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Fantasy cricket apps are little different from online rummy

The recent ban on online rummy by the Tamil Nadu government has thrown the focus on online gambling affecting the lives and health of our people. The Tamil Nadu government has decided to pass a law banning online rummy and poker. This was decided at a recent cabinet meeting headed by Tamil Nadu...

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Online gambling

Is MK Stalin secular or pseudo-secular?

Is MK Stalin more committed to secularism than his late lamented father? We can begin to believe so, though our own instincts might rebel against such ‘hasty’ judgments.  Secularism is under existential threat in the entire country at the moment. Only a few opposition Chief Ministers stand...

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Gokila’s grit does Ramanathapuram proud

Twenty-three-year-old Gokila is another beacon of hope and exemplifies the can-do spirit of TN youth today. Social marginalization and poverty did not stop this young woman from pursuing her dreams of becoming a doctor. She found encouragement not only in her parents but also in the teachers...

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TN Youth

Warning: Violence on screen is injurious to YOUR kids

Tamil actor Ajith’s new film poster released recently showed him lying while holding a child in one hand and a gun in another. In a shot in a recent film Kamal Haasan appeared, playing guitar quite engrossed, even as he held a gun in his grip. In a poster of a film in the making, Rajini flaunts...

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Violence in films

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