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TN BJP chief Annamalai a hit in Karnataka too

Tamil Nadu BJP president K Annamalai after being appointed as the co-president of Karnataka BJP in poll-bound Karnataka, is making his presence felt in the state too. Annamalai has written to the Chief Justice of Tamil Nadu, Justice Munishwar Nath Bhandari, apprising him of the events that led...

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Poachers using Veerappan’s toolkit, say conservationists

Forest officials protecting the Karnataka-Tamil Nadu border region have long forgotten the Veerappan era. But can they be so complacent as to allow minor poachers to grow into brigands that are difficult to deal with? A case in point is that of Karavadaiyan alias Raja, a 40-year-old suspected...

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How Karnataka says Mekedatu is win-win for TN also

Consider this scenario: The Krishnaraja Sagar (KRS) reservoir built across the Cauvery river in Mandya district has only 97.91 feet of water against the usual level of 121 feet when the flow of Cauvery trickles down to a few hundred cusecs per day in December against a lakh and more cusecs...

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KRS dam

Cauvery in spate: Is just Mettur dam enough?

A bountiful monsoon resulting in with brimming rivers has underscored Tamil Nadu’s inadequate storage on the Cauvery. Following copious rains in Karnataka, the Stanley reservoir at Mettur dam is releasing 25,500 cusecs into the river course. It would have been a happy situation for Tamil Nadu...

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TN gears up to harvest monsoon bounty in Cauvery basin

With the copious rains that Karnataka has received in July so far, particularly in the Cauvery basin of the state, Tamil Nadu might be in for good times on water availability. With the long-term predictions of the IMD for a good north-easterly monsoon also in September in Tamil Nadu, the state...

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Cauvery Basin

In reality, pan-Indian KGF is a Tamil story in Karnataka

The KGF movies may have acquired the tag of films from Karnataka that were pan-Indian but in truth the true story of Kolar Gold Fields, KGF, is a typical Tamil story that has been repeated in Karnataka at many times. “We have taken our Constitution seriously which is why we go everywhere and...

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Tamil story KGF