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Civic Issues

Tiny housefly holds Kovai village hostage

Bizarre as it sounds, around 500 residents of a village in Coimbatore district are under virtual house arrest everyday. From sun-up till sun down, they are held hostage by a small but odious enemy. For the last five years, the tormented people of Thimmanaicken Palayam in Sulur Municipality have...

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A doctor bought Maruti car with 10-rupee coins

A doctor of Dharmapuri district has bought a Maruti car at the price of Rs.5.75 lakhs. What’s new about that?  Nothing, of course, except that his mode of payment was rather eccentric. The doctor belonging to Arur area paid the price in cash. He obviously didn't care for digital currency. While...

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Maruti Car

Fidget toys: Can they bust school goers’ stress?

Fidget toys have a major role to play in busting school-going children’s stress. That is why educationists insist on making education and learning pleasurable through games and toys. Sahul Hameed, who has been selling fidget toys and dolls for over 35 years in Coimbatore, thinks that toys...

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Fidget Toys

G Square, Annamalai: Reality check on plot approval

Last week in a press conference, BJP state president had alleged that the group of property developer firms, G Square, has been able to get CMDA plot approval within eight days. He also said it takes 200 days for others to get their plot approval typically. Here’s a reality check from the...

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