Pipe up ladies! Featuring Sankari-Venkatesh

Venkatesh and Sankari are the second couple Parivadini is featuring in Navaratri 2021, Nava Shakthi series. These concerts are supported by Srivathsam and Vidushi Sankari was born in Thirukazhukundram in Kancheepuram. She learned the basics of Nagaswaram playing from her father...

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Adieu Geetha Bennett: A worthy daughter of a luminary

Sometime in the late 90s, I tuned in late on radio to a concert. The tanam had just begun. As Khamboji flowed I was trying to figure out who the player was. I was quite sure I hadn't heard this musician before. The measured yet vibrant playing got me hooked onto the rest of the concert. At the...

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