Peace in Mullaperiyar

Mullaiperiyar dam has created much bad blood between people of Tamil Nadu and Kerala

constructed by the British on Periyar river

The stored water is diverted to Tamil Nadu through a tunnel to the western ghats

Tamil Nadu operates the dam located in Kerala

People in Kerala are afraid the old dam would come down and create a catastrophe, destroying even Kochi

Kerala govt wants a new dam. Until then it wants to keep water level much lower

The Supreme Court had ruled water level can be up to "142" feet

In 2018, Kerala felt that Tamil Nadu had insisted on maintaining 142 feet despite incessant rains.

 Then water was released suddenly that contributed to the big flood

As dams were filling up this year, TN chief minister M K Stalin visited Kerala on Sept 3 and assured that the safety of people will be taken into account in Mullaiperiyar

This is the first time a chief minister of Tamil Nadu has gone to Kerala to make this assurance

That day the dam height was at 136.5 feet

This year TN officials gave advance warning to Kerala officials before releasing water

Earlier, there were complaints water was released before warning in odd hours through spillways

Stalin has been friendly with Kerala govt. He attended CPM party conference in Kannur this year

It may well be that the two governments will not create conflict and instead talk to resolve issues