Idli is a fermented steamed food. It has a spongy texture and is loved by everyone as breakfast food

Idli is processed from rice and black gram in the ratio 3:1/3:1.5/4:1 to attain a soft texture

In recent years, millet idli is gaining attention due to its nutritional qualities

Researchers have proved that steam cooking helps to retain the nutrients in food unlike other cooking methods. Idli is produced by steaming

Fermentation grows many beneficial microorganisms called probiotics that improve the aroma of fermented foods, give spongy texture and make them digestible

Similar probiotics are found in our digestive system. These beneficial gut microflora feed on oligosaccharides which are called as prebiotics

Idli has such oligosaccharides. Steaming idli batter after proper fermentation helps to achieve the right health benefits

If freshly ground batter is used, then the characteristic aroma will not be there. Unfermented idli won’t be soft and spongy, hindering digestion

To improve the aroma of steamed food, certain herbs can be added to water

To enhance the flavour and nutrients, steaming can be done in banana leaf. The steam when touches the leaf releases polyphenols which have anti-oxidant properties

To improve taste in the steamed food, idli can be coated with spicy dhal powder, curry leaf powder, grated coconut