Mudpots are better cooking vessels than metal

Water stored in mudpot is cool and quenches thirst

Tandoors are made of clay, not metal, because food that is cooked slow is marinated better

In slow cooking, the heat stays longer with the food and makes it more tasty over a longer period

Mudpot cooking allows steam to circulate longer inside. Food gets more moisture and needs less oil or fat for cooking

Cooking in metal throws away nutrients and reduces taste

Unglazed mudpot looks dull but secures nutrients and maintains pH balance since clay is alkaline.

For better use Soak it in clean water, and after drying rub garlic. Then apply some olive oil all over it

While cooking in mudpot, raise temperatures slowly. Quick raise can crack the mudpot

Clean mudpot with just water and brush after soaking

Don’t cook with strong flavours when the pot is new. The juices will seep into the pot and get into the next food

Over time, the mudpot will settle down and make your food more tasty and healthy too