It’s known as Pani Puri in Mumbai, Puchkas in Bengal, Gol Gappas in Delhi

Pani Puri’s popularity has now extended to south Indian cities too

The seller makes the masala, stuffs it in the puri, dips in the pani bowl and then serves it to the eager customer

All this, including the kneading of the puri dough, is done using bare hands. The risk of contamination is high

Hookworms and pinworms spread through unclean hands

Re-using the oil for frying is harmful. Can even cause cancer

Water used for making the Pani can be unclean

Puri dough is kneaded using bare feet by vendors

A hygienic vendor will use ready to fry pellets

Stuffs masala hygienically The Pani is dispensed through machine, so no human contact

Not reuse oil for frying