Let’s set the record straight about weight loss

It is a myth that the fewer calories you consume, the more weight you lose. Long term, the body goes into a weight loss plateau if you don’t consume enough calories

Weight loss can be achieved only with the right food at the right time in the right proportions, and not by fad diets, which are short-term and could be dangerous

Another myth is that if you eat carbohydrates, you will put on weight. Fact is carbohydrates provide nutrition and energy that is essential for the body

When sufficient carbohydrate-rich foods are not consumed, a hormone called ghrelin stirs hunger and cravings for fast food, which is undesirable for weight loss

Instead, have high-fibre complex carbohydrates daily. They release sugars only slowly into the blood, so they keep diabetes at bay and help maintain body weight

Nowadays, supermarkets are filled with foods and beverages with questionable claims of aiding weight loss. But no single diet or product will work for all

Metabolism differs from person to person. So, don’t get carried away by glossy ads, and instead consult a nutritionist for a diet that’s right for your metabolism

People need not choose vegetarian or vegan diets for weight loss. Meat is rich in protein, and low-cholesterol meats can be had without worries about weight gain

A balanced diet containing the right proportions of both plant foods and animal foods will aid weight loss and help maintain optimal body weight

The misplaced assumption that cholesterol in your diet is to blame for weight gain and flabby muscles makes some people resort to a fat-free diet

However, cholesterol holds the key to healthy functioning of the brain. To put it precisely, cholesterol feeds our brain. So fat-free diets are nothing but bunkum

Good cholesterol-rich food, particularly eggs, fish and flax seeds (Omega 3 and Omega-6 fatty acids) help set right your body weight, diabetes and hormone imbalances

Eschew fad diets, adopt permanent eating habits that are healthy and balanced. This will ensure that you are able to maintain your weight after losing it

Another reason that weight loss is tough even if you exercise a little is that you may be sedentary for more hours than active. In such cases, metabolism may be slow

So, the only long-term solution is to change your lifestyle into a healthy one with exercise plus physical activity, and be conscious of what you eat as well as don’t eat

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