Organic food is the rage now

We want to eat food that has no pesticide content. We feel use of chemical fertilizer to grow food is unhealthy

But who certifies that the so-called organic rice or vegetables you buy is indeed organic

The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority is the agency responsible for certification

APEDA has more than 30 agencies across states that give organic certification

APEDA certifies organic food products for export and adheres to stringent norms required in the US and the west

For instance, in the US, the Maximum Residual Limit (MRL) of chemicals in organic food is 0%

In Tamil Nadu, cow dung and urine is used that is said to lead to the formation of unhealthy substances after 40 days and may cross MRL limit

Organic food comes at 20% premium because there is a cost to the testing of food products that is passed on to the consumer

But sometimes the premium in the market is 100% but that is just price gouging using the label organic