Electric scooters A  WARNING

Your e-scooter speed, acceleration, position, performance of parts are all monitored every moment by maker

Recently when an E-scooter rider got into accident and blamed the bike, the maker released data that showed how fast the scooter was going at that very moment

Buyers are told this helps makers intervene for repairs and maintenance

They are told they can access data but makers are often reluctant

This means where you go, where you stop and for how long, how fast you drive are known in real time

Data is gold in today’s world. It can help build your personality profile

How fast you drive could indicate your consumer preferences, for instance

And can help companies do target marketing of products to you It impacts your privacy too

Unlike Microsoft, Google and Amazon, there are no industry standards on use of this data

In foreign countries, this data vests with third parties ensuring privacy

Not in India.  E-scooters could be the next big data collectors