Free Solar for  20 Years

Power tariffs were recently raised in Tamil Nadu

They will be raised every two years in future

The common area lighting and water pump is now charged commercial rates

With such high tariffs, rooftop solar is an increasingly viable solar option

The panel costs Rs 60,000 per kilowatt; can produce 4 units of power every day

Subsidy is available for residential houses but not for apartments or their common areas

On-grid solar has no battery backup

If there’s no power supply from EB, solar system will also not supply. When sun sets, EB power will be automatically taken

You can send solar power back to EB line and get paid for it through a net-in meter

But charges for using government’s network to supply power will be deducted

Off grid has battery backup. If EB power is not there, the batteries can keep supplying

In three-five years, the initial investment will pay back

After that users can get free solar power for another 20 years from same panel

The solar panel vendor will get approvals and clearances from electricity board

Selecting the right vendor is key to having a good solar power system

Please check out vendors with their previous customers before deciding