How not to die of a heart attack at the gym,  trainers tell you

News of young people dying of heart attacks has become common. In at least some cases, they have been men in their 30s who’ve suddenly discovered the gym

Many people who live sedentary lives are having a late realisation about the need for fitness only when they start putting on weight after age 30

Then they become ambitious and start placing unrealistic demands on themselves. And these can have repercussions

Gym trainers say that the first thing that middle-aged newbies ask for is rapid reduction of weight

But after 35 years of age, especially in the case of men, the testosterone levels dip and they get tired sooner. A strenuous workout is not ideal for such a person

Also dangerous is training without professional help. Adequate rest is needed between cardio sessions but people who work out on their own tend to overdo it

Weight training ramps up the heart rate, and for those who are new at it, the resulting rise in blood pressure could spike so much that it leads to cardiac arrest

It can also happen to those who have been regulars at the gym if they overdo it, warn fitness trainers. Overtraining is dangerous

Similarly, Cardio is a good fitness regime. But those aged above 40 have weaker muscles, and they are prone to tearing if intense training is undertaken 

Besides, sleep and diet are extremely important, more than exercise. Only if one eats right and at the right time, and gets enough sleep will the body cooperate

The mind and the body should be in sync while training. If the mind is stressed and preoccupied, that too can lead to an increase in blood pressure.

Trainers also advise you to listen to your body. Eyes fluttering, pain in the left side of the body, sudden sweating, and increase in body temperature are signs of distress

The person doing the exercise should immediately stop and ask for professional help, if/she feels these signs of physical distress

Plus, those who suffer from depression, high blood pressure and diabetes and those who do not eat healthy should keep away from lifting weights

Also, exercise regularly; don’t instead compensate for missing days. And stop taking tips from YouTube and Instagram videos for training; there’s no quick fix