Plant the seeds of good health in your diet

Regularly consuming a variety of seeds can significantly improve various health conditions

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They have been known to control diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, and skin and hair problems

Chia seeds contain the beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants and fibre

Have 15 grams of chia seeds soaked in water mixed with lemon juice or 50 grams powdered every day

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It helps ease constipation, control diabetes and reduce excess body weight

Flax seeds, called  ‘aali vidhai’ in Tamil, contain antioxidants and fibre content

It is said to even prevent some forms of cancer, including breast and uterus cancer

Flax seeds also help keep the heart and brain in good shape, and improves skin and hair health

Powdered flax seeds can be mixed into idli/dosa batter or chapati dough

Pumpkin seeds contain fibre and phytosterols, which help raise good cholesterol in the body

Sunflower seeds contain a protein  that prevents inflammation  in the body

Hemp seeds are an ideal protein source for vegans, and strengthens skin, hair and nails

Hemp seeds can be consumed powdered or blended into milk

Sesame seeds produce oestrogen; it regulates menstruation and reproductive health

Sesame seeds are best consumed roasted lightly and ground into powder

They are commonly consumed in chutneys and as sesame candies

 Several doctors prescribe the rotational use of seeds to improve fertility and treat arthritis

Benefits of consuming seeds every day can be felt within three to four months