Eat your way to healthy hair

If you’re not ill with serious diseases or certain health conditions, hair fall can be prevented or reversed to some extent with the right diet and lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle includes a good diet, physical fitness and mental exercises. It helps one lead a disease-free life. It is also, naturally, the antidote to hair fall

A balanced diet with carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals is a must for maintaining hair health. Protein-rich, iron-rich food prevents hair fall

Hair fall differs from person to person. Generally, changing hormones are a cause. For example, women have hair fall during pregnancy and lactation

For some, hair fall is hereditary, for others it could be the result of disease or nutritional deficiencies

Hair is made of a protein called keratin. Eat protein-rich foods like sprouted peas, green beans, Bengal gram and sprouted cereals. Also drink 8 glasses of water daily

To set right iron deficiency, include drumstick greens as a part of your dietary menu; they can be used in a soup or a well-sauteed side-dish or omelette

Vitamin-D can prevent weakening of bones and hair, particularly biotin (Vitamin D7) The whites and yolk of egg are rich in biotin and can be added to your diet

Soak in the sun for 10 to 15 minutes every day, as sunlight is not only free but is also the best source of Vitamin D

Trace minerals play an important role in hair health. Have Zinc-rich foods like oysters, mutton and beef once a fortnight, and silica-rich cucumber more often

Nuts and seeds, which are rich in Vitamin E, and citrus fruits, guava and amla, which are rich in Vitamin C help your body assimilate iron, which keeps hair fall at bay

Choose healthy tidbits like sprouted cereals, dry fruits and seeds and so on when you get the urge to snack, instead of packaged food like biscuits and savouries

Make time for hair maintenance. Use the same type of shampoo or oil always; don’t keep trying different oils and shampoo often

Sleep for eight hours every day; only then will hormones function consistently. Hormonal imbalances cause hair fall

Create a daily fitness routine and stick to it. Keep your mind stress-free with breathing exercises. Stress causes not only hair fall but also premature greying