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Mathi Memes: Jallikattu, too sacred to disrupt

Jallikattu has become a sacred rite now. What was until recently a sporting pastime, a fun activity and a quirk from the past has become an all consuming passion after the ban and protests. If only the Supreme Court had not banned it, Jallikattu may have tamped down on its own and become a tame...

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Jallikattu Meme

Who can invest in startups?

Startups have become the talk of the town. Recently, Chennai-based Startup Pepul raised Rs 10 crore investment through seed funding. PayTm founder Vijay Shankar Sharma and Freshworks founder Girish Mathrabootham were prominent investors. PayTm and Freshworks are also startups which succeeded in...

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From saltpan worker to wildlife photographer…

National Geographic Magazine has selected Parivel Veerasamy’s wildlife photographs a few times as best pictures. The reputed magazine for nature and wildlife lauded him for his photographic skills. But Parivel did not know anything about photography till he was 27 years-old. Parivel hails from...

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The problem of fake vaccine certificates

‘Even as central and state governments push for vaccination, many continue to resist vaccinating themselves. Some ask why they are being compelled and say that the choice should be left to the individual. Governments say one should get the vaccine to prevent infecting others, and exercising...

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50% rule opens space for small budget films

Ajith fans were eagerly looking forward to celebrate Pongal through Valimai. But the release was put off owing to the 50% restrictions imposed by government on cinema theatre occupancy. The head of the cinema halls owners association, Tiruppur Subramaniam, had said that since Valimai is a big...

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