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    All India Kisan Sabha

    36, Canning Lane, New Delhi-1, 011-23782890

    20th June, 2018 New Delhi

    Press Statement

    Undeclared Emergency in Tamilnadu?

    Release Arrested Activists Unconditionally!

    After killing 13 protestors in Thoothukudi, AIADMK Government clamps down on protests against 8 Lane Chennai-Salem “Green” Corridor. AIKS Thiruvannamalai President Venkatesh & VP Balaraman arrested ahead of AIKS public meeting to be attended by AIKS Joint Secretary Vijoo Krishnan, Tamilnadu Vivasayikal Sangham Secretary P.Shanmugham, Tamilnadu Tribal Association President and Ex MLA Delli Babu and others were to attend. Environmentalists, activists & farmers being arrested at random. AIKS Public Meeting disallowed by police. Police are being deployed in villages in Tiruvannamalai to prevent affected people from attending the protest meeting. Meeting of Joint Action Committee Against Green Corridor organised by Tamilnadu Vivasayikal Sangham being held in a hall despite intimidation & unprovoked arrests of activists. Hundreds of affected people stopped by police. Many coming to this detained apparently.

    All India Kisan Sabha meeting against Chennai-Salem highway project has been addressed by farmers from Salem, Dharmapuri, Thiruvannamalai and Kanchipuram attended the meeting and explained how their lives and livelihoods will be threatened by the project. 7500 hectares of agricultural land, 8 hills, hundreds of wells, ponds & streams to be acquired & thousands of trees to be cut down for “Green” Corridor. Many schools, anganwadis, primary health centres, residences and religious places also threatened. No adherence to 2013 Land Act.

    The protest meeting demanded release arrested leaders unconditionally and democratic dialogue with affected people. Repression cannot stop Protests against oppression. Protests shall continue with greater vigour!

    Ashok Dhawale

    Hannan Mollah

    President General Secretary

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