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It is not opportune for an article taking his Tuticorin speech as the theme.  He is yet to begin his political innings proper: his party is yet to be announced; its flag; its policies etc. are unknown now.    Even if it’s argued that we can analyse the political ramifications of the speech, still, are we sure the contents will remain the same or the core will be wrought in his political manifesto when he actually announces his party?   T N Gopalan is sure of the message contained in the speech reaching the middle class population of Tamilnadu.  It is a sort of honey they’ve been waiting for! TNG feels.  Will they see him reiterate the message when he forms his political party later on ?  Remember MGR who began as the champion of the poor riding on the wave of his film stardom, also gave favourable signals to the middle classes; and spoke of reducing the percentage of reservations: the middle class rejoiced.  What happened? He dealt a summary blow to them by increasing it to 69%.  So, it is possible (for me, it is sure) that Rajani will not reiterate his Tuticorin speech when he actually comes to power.   He keeps BJP at a distance, TNG reminds us.  That was because he has already been assailed for his religious views which are in conformity with Hindutva policies.  He never spoke in f/o Muslims and Christians of Tamil Nadu although his fan base will shrink seriously if we remove the minorities from it.  Not encouraging them is not as bad as openly espousing the Hindutva views.  In power, he ought to speak; or take an unambiguous stand and reveal it.  We will therefore know him, Rajnikant, the Politician, or endorsement of current political and social views, only then.

A comparison is made in the article between him and Jeyalalitha – indeed, that’s the title of the article.   It’s a poor comparison.  She was a docile party worker, albeit holding a strong post as Propaganda Secretary in AIADMK when MGR was alive.  After his death, many events followed embroiling her that drove her to the wall.  She overcame them and became CM and then, her direct encounters with Karunanidhi began.  It became bitter, bitterer and bitterest year by year.  Casteist barbs and other personal attacks – she was even called a whore! – followed which helped root her animosity against her political rivals: Cho became her adviser as a natural corollary of such animosity.  As wounded tigress (or to use Shakespeares’s words, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned !) she personalized her politics like Indira Gandhi. So, what moved her in politics – or made her earn the nickname Iron lady – were her personal feelings of animosity towards all those who were her political rivals.

Does Rajni get or has got these catalysts or provocations? Only in future he may get and then, his hands will turn iron as in the comic story of Irumbukkai Mayavi.  He is a superstar. Even starlets have star-sized egos and they cannot suffer an admission albeit politely ‘’I don’t know you, Sir’’, the question ‘’Who’re you?’ is enough to rouse Superstar’s wrath and it did which caused his airport angry scene.

He is like Kannadasan.  A blind believer in religion : Hinduism of non-village kind.  A villager doesn’t care to know who resides in the Himalays.  Since Hindutva believes in a uniform Hindusim that springs from the Himayalan vareity,  he shares its wavelength. Hence, the hard core Hindutva outfit leaders like Sampath and the upcoming Modi-cum-Hindutva FB writer Maridass of Madurai Mechanical engineer, and others loyal to Hindutva thought it imperative to meet and remind him – we must all work together and he must lead kindly light !  We cannot brush aside the impact on him.  What Cho Ramasamy was to Jeyalalitha, Gurumoorthy is to Rajani – an open secret.  Even after he entered politics, his religious views will color his political acts.  He can make a show now of keeping BJP at arms’ length.  But he cannot make a show in future that his views are different from BJP.  With firm roots in a particular religion, and relying on it for recharging him, keeping company with religious politicians,  Rajnkant can never become a leader for all masses of Tamilnadu.  As I said, at the beginning, he will become; but soon, his political stardom will teper.

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