Malaramuthan R

Sri Lanka food crisis: Famine, starvation looms

Media reports suggest that the Sri Lanka food crisis has reached such a point that starvation deaths on Colombo streets may be seen in October if urgent measures are not taken to improve the situation. Social and human rights activist Tharmalingam Ganesh, however, says the newly formed ministry...

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Sri Lanka Food

Tamil Nadu education: A read-along world record?

The Illam Thedi Kalvi scheme -- a novel initiative in Tamil Nadu education -- that used volunteers to teach students whose learning had been disrupted by the lockdown has come to an end. Following that, the Tamil Nadu government has launched a programme using the Google Read Along app. The...

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Tamil Nadu Education

Palm products: The cultural pilgrimage of a priest

The palm tree and its products are intrinsic to Tamil culture. Endowed with roots that go deep and hold groundwater, the palm tree takes 15 years to grow and mature. The young palm tree is called Vadali in Tamil. The palm tree is a food bearing life form. It is a source of palm fruit, palm...

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பனை மரம்

When a journalist reminisces, a world opens up

A journalist get so many experiences in the process of gathering news. But those experiences rarely get recorded. They go unnoticed though they can reveal a world of information that is not always apparent. Some editors unveil the inside story of what happens behind the news. They share their...

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