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This civil engineer found his calling among the flightless birds

Rajadurai with his kadaknath chicken breed

The only objective of today’s education is to help get a job and an assured income. But what about those who are educated and still not able to get a job? How do they manage their life?

Well a young civil engineer S Rajadurai from Ariyalur seems to have an answer for this. Armed with a diploma in civil engineering Rajadurai found his calling in rearing native chicken in his farm.  He rears three varieties Kuruvai, Kadaknath and Nicobari and earns Rs. 30.000 a month as income from these birds.

 I was unemployed after completion of Diploma in Civil Engineering. During 2016, I approached ICAR-KVK, Ariyalur for starting some self enterprise to earn income.

His innovation in developing a low cost feed, incubation of eggs using low cost hatchery, ethno veterinary practices and an unique marketing style are making his humble venture profitable today in the district. Today he is the master trainer for poultry related trainings and role model for other youth members in the region.

He started his venture initially with 20 birds. The birds were fed with locally available feed stocks to reduce the cost on feed. The birds grew healthy and robust and were in good demand. Slowly he expanded his unit to 150 parent birds.

To utilize the eggs effectively for the production of chicks he purchased a low cost hatchery from an innovator with a capacity to incubate 120 eggs. The ICAR-KVK, Ariyalur helped him in scouting and purchasing the incubator for him.

Rajadurai in his egg incubation place

To store the eggs, he is adopts the techniques of storing the eggs in mud pot half filled with sand. The entire pot is covered with cotton cloth and soaked in water periodically to reduce the heat and expand shelf life of the eggs for longer period like in a refrigerator.

Unlike other farmers who simply wait for buyers to come to their farm Mr. Rajadurai has developed a model of direct marketing of his eggs and chicken meat among his residency.

As a package he is supplying 50 desi bird eggs a   22 kgs meat per month to one family (Rs.1,000 package). This package cost Rs.1,000 and he collects the money during first week of every month when the family gets their salary. This is a unique method which he follows never heard before in the state.

The customers are happy with this package and more and more customers are placing orders.

“I was unemployed after completion of Diploma in Civil Engineering. During 2016, I approached ICAR-KVK, Ariyalur for starting some self enterprise to earn income. The KVK has suggested me to start his native chicken rearing as a venture,” he says.

“He has developed his own low-cost feed and is using ethno-veterinary practices after taking our help. The low cost feed developed by him was judged as good by us. Dr  Punniyamoorthy, professor at Tamil Nadu University of Veterinary Animal Sciences has vouchsafed his ethno-veterinary practices,” says Dr. Alagukannan, head of the KVK.

Till now this enterprising farmer has not received any financial aid from any bank or any subsidies from the department. The KVK supported him to buy a low cost hatchery unit from its budget.

Currently Rajadurai has a market tie-up with 150 farmers. He networks with his clients and farmers through a WhatsApp group named “Gramathu Pokkisam” (Village Treasure). It is expected that a minimum of 120 youth will be motivated in this venture during the year 2018.

(For details contact S Rajadorai, mobile: 8526714100 and G Alagukannan, Senior Scientist and Head, ICAR- KVK,  Jayankondam Via, Udayarpalayam Tk.,Ariyalur District. – 612 902, Tamil Nadu, Off: 04331 290335, mobile : 9751280089, web:

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